We believe that our community is the greatest source of innovation and design for our programs. This year we are introducing the “Community Design Cycle.”
The Community Design Cycle is a process that involves community members in major organizational decisions. We have many projects we would like to complete, and we believe that our gardeners and stakeholders are the best source of innovation and design — as they are the ones who will benefit from these projects.

The cycle typically lasts 3 months. We define project scope and we spend a month “researching” the problem we would like to solve. For example, our project scope for this cycle is physical accessibility at our Hope With Garden Community Gardening hub. Research involves engaging with gardeners and stakeholders through one-on-one interviews and group “co-design” workshops to generate solutions and feedback.

In the second month, our staff and board will review the solutions suggested by community members. They will evaluate the need, cost, feasibility, etc of each solution. They will then decide on one of the suggested solutions and create a plan of action for completion. They will spend the third month completing the project.

We believe this cycle will not only improve the lives of our community members but that it will also challenge our organization to consistently improve our programs and resources.

Stay tuned for more updates on our current design cycle: Improving accessibility at the Hope With  Garden Community Gardening hub at 100-104 Vine Street NW. If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail our Executive Director, Gil Frank, at execdir@historicwestsidegardens.org .

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