To create a Rooted, Powerful, and Resilient Westside.

What do we mean by this?

In 2009, the Historic Westside Neighborhoods were classified as “food deserts” by Mayor Kasim Reed. These neighborhoods were void of grocery stores. Residents relied on small corner convenience stores for food and produce. Lack of food security is one of many major contributing factors to the economic decay of this historically African American community. 

Historic Westside Gardens (HWG) provides affordable access to fresh produce for residents in these neighborhoods. Our programs provide free home gardens, education, and an affordable market with the goal of a well-fed and prosperous community.

Grow your health and your wealth.

We are not a community garden. Every gardener is responsible for the growth and care of their own plot. In fact, we are the only organization in Atlanta that builds gardens in individuals’ own homes. Our ultimate goal is to provide our gardeners the tools and resources to become independent growers and sellers of their own produce. 

We are here to help Westside Residents:

Build their own garden at home*.

Plant, grow, and harvest their own produce.

Sell their produce.

*If a grower does not have space for a garden at their home, they may tend their own garden at one of our community garden hubs.

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